BBCode to HTML converter

Supported BBCode tags

BBCode HTML Name
[b][/b] or [strong][/strong] <strong></strong> strong
[u][/u] <u></u> underline
[i][/i] <i></i> italic
[quote][/quote] <blockquote></blockquote>
long quotation
[color=][/color] <font color="red"></font> font color
[font=][/font] <font face=""></font> font
[size=][/size] <font size=""></font> font size
[url][/url] <a href="" title=""></a> link
[flash][/flash] <embed width="" height="" src=""></embed> Flash
[swf][/swf] <embed width="500" height="400" src=""></embed> Videos
[img][/img] <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a> image
[h1][/h1] <h1></h1>

heading 1

[h2][/h2] <h2></h2>

heading 2

[h3][/h3] <h3></h3>

heading 3

[h4][/h4] <h4></h4>

heading 4

[h5][/h5] <h5></h5>
heading 5
[h6][/h6] <h6></h6>
heading 6
[p][/p] <p></p>


[sup][/sup] <sup></sup> superscript
[sub][/sub] <sub></sub> subscript
[ul][/ul] <ul></ul>
    unordered HTML list
[li][/li] <li></li>
  • list item
  • [center][/center] <div style="text-align:center"></div>
    [right][/right] <div style="text-align:right"></div>
    [left][/left] <div style="text-align:left"></div>

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